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Name:for the blendy days
Birthdate:Jan 5
This is the group journal of the Flicker system, members being [personal profile] frog_and_monkey, [personal profile] tiger_eyes, [personal profile] letters_home and [personal profile] stray_grew_up

Interests (117):

abandonment, abuse, abuse recovery, activism, adoption, anger, anti-capitalism, anti-oppression, anti-patriarchy, anti-racism, aromatherapy, art, autistic spectrum disorders, being whole, bisexuality, body modifications, books, buffy the vampire slayer, candles, childrens lit, choosing our own names, christianity, co-conciousness, coffee, cooking, creativity, critical theory, crows, daddy gap, daddy issues, depression, disability, discworld, dreaming, druids, dyspraxia, earth based spirituality, english, faith, feminism, feminist criticism, feminist literature, feminist theology, feminist theory, folk music, forests, full moons, god, goddess, goddesses, gods, healing, healthy boundaries, herbs, history, invented myth cycles, invisible disabilities, language, legends, lgbt issues, liberal christianity, liberal theology, liberation theology, libraries, literary criticism, literary theory, literature, literature is always political, living deliberately, lord of the rings, median, mental illness, middle earth, mind body connection, mindfulness, moon, multiplicity, neurodiversity, other words for love, otherkin, paganism, pantheism, photography, piercings, plural systems, plurality, poetry, poets, polytheism, pro life, pro-choice, queer pride, queer theory, radical feminism, rape, rape survival, reading, responsibility, ritual, rituals, runes, shamanism, social justice, spirituality, spirituality without boundaries, stories, storytelling, surviving, symbols, tattoos, tigers, trauma, trees, wales, watership down, women, writing
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